The story

Some say that everything starts by a thought. But Joyful Living started by me looking out over the Mediterranean sea for 3 months getting in contact with my awareness …and not to forget a cup of Freddo Cappuccino


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The Beginning

It started out with asking question to life. Because when I was looking around in the world, I just saw a lot bad things. I saw people in hunger, wars and  terror. I saw people being stress and feeling missable. I saw a lot of anger and jealousy. And then I didn’t see a lot of joy in people’s life and in their eyes and soul.

To me joy is  a natural state – than when you are you, you are joy.  

Me too have had times in my life when there has been lack of joy. And actually, times in my life where joy has been exclude totally in my life, and has been replaced with depression and fear. Those times has been mainly when other people wanna to put me into boxes where I didn’t belong.


But one day I realised I had a choice! I could choose between  dance after someone else’s fist or make my own reality. I choose the last part – and yes sometimes it’s difficult. And yes sometimes it’s hard….but the reward of it is beyond words and unpayable. It is a life in Fun, Fulfilment and Freedom.

What would your life be like if you were not labeled? What would your life be like if you could be you without judgment.  


The Founder

I’m Jesper and I’m the founder of Joyful Living and I just love life! I love to have  fun, to laugh, so sense, to love, to eat good food, to drink nice white wine and a lot of coffee, to tell jokes, to give love, to receive love, to have sex, to breathe, to have more coffee, to smell the flowers, to look a beautiful architecture, to look at beautiful women, to take in life, to create life as I want it, to listen to music especially opera and other epic music, to dance to techno music, to have cosy dinners, to eat out, to be with people I love, to make new friendships….I’m a hedonist. 

My background

I’m was born i Denmark in 1970, and have  2 siblings. My mother and father is not divorced. I am, and have a daughter at the age of 19 years old. I have had many jobs, and many careers. I have been living in the UK and Crete too. And myself as a world citizen and I love to travel and be on the move to new adventures.

On the more hardcore part of me is there to say that I’m a certified and well trained life-coach and transformational coach. In over 15 years I have been teacher in empowerment and personal growth. In addition to this I’ve been working in retail, IT, social work and consulting business and always disliked working the corporate world with all it limitations.


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